Affiliate Network @ HappyPesa

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based digital marketing process that involves four major players:

  • 1. Advertiser: The entity that spends the advertisement money to get a products/services sold through an online store or promote an app or a game or to simply bring traffic to a website.
  • 2. Publisher: The entity that publishes the advertisement of the advertiser and channels the right user to the product/service (Example: HappyPesa).
  • 3. Affiliate network: People who interacts with both advertiser and publisher and make sure that the right advertisement is picked for the audience associated with the publisher. The advertisement budget committed by the advertiser is distributed through affiliate network. (Example: HappyPesa Partners listed here)
  • 4. Beneficiary: The person who responds to an affiliate ad campaign and completes the process as required by the advertiser. In other words, if the advertiser wants his Android mobile app to be installed and used and to make that happen he spends a certain amount per installation, the Beneficiary is the person who installs that app and take the benefit as ascertained by the advertiser. Example: You! Unlike many other affiliate publishing platforms, HappyPesa distributes a majority of the payment received through affiliate networks to the beneficiary wherever that practice is permitted by the advertiser.
  • ppc

    HappyPesa provides various advertisements on the website for promotional purpose of merchant products or services, and as a marketer receives commission for every click on the advertiser banners or ad displayed. HappyPesa believes in sharing every commission received with its customers.

    • Get to know the latest offers
    • Various banner advertisement locations
    • Commission based affiliate marketing
    • Commission sharing with HappyPesa customers
    • Unlimited reward points
  • ppp

    PPP is an advertising campaign mostly beneficial for the merchants, paying the affiliate only when the visitor referred to the merchant site, converts into a sale. Thus, the merchant is paid commissions in regard with the performance of the affiliate for the merchant benefit. PPP is beneficial for both, as the merchant saves a lot of money, and the affiliate earns a huge commission on every successful sale conversion.

    • Get to know the latest offers
    • Various banner advertisement locations
    • Commission based affiliate marketing
    • Commission sharing with HappyPesa customers
    • Unlimited reward points
  • cpa

    HappyPesa believes in knowing what people think about various products; companies look for feedbacks and suggestions for product upgrades and betterment. Integrating the CPA action with our “Paid Surveys,” HappyPesa brings forward easy reward point and gift card earning options and commission sharing.

    • Raise your opinions about products
    • Companies create survey forms for product betterment
    • Receive high reward points and commissions for each form
    • Redeem reward points with shopping gift cards
    • Get paid through commission sharing for filling Free surveys
  • HappyPesa has implemented the CPV format and given rise to the concept of watching videos online free with “Paid Videos” and earning rewards and commissions on complete viewing of the advertiser videos.

    • Watch Videos Free
    • Earn rewards for enjoying videos
    • Increased Brand Awareness
    • Advertiser creates videos for promotional purpose
    • Monetized videos for product publicity
  • HappyPesa gives reward points and commissions for downloading various apps through its platform under the option of “Download & Earn.” Every task is associated with the completion of a few steps, for successful installation. Every commission received from the merchant is shared with our customers for their efforts.

    • Download and Install New mobile applications
    • Avail rewards and commissions for enjoying Free apps
    • Creates brand awareness
    • Get to know about the new mobile apps
    • Have the world on your fingertips
  • The HappyPesa app through CPS provides various “Deals & Coupons” at your disposal, every click, and successful shopping through the HappyPesa app or website that lands on the merchants website gives rise to commissions received and shared by HappyPesa with its customers.

    • Get to know about the latest deals
    • Avail coupons for new offers
    • Increased brand awareness
    • Save through diverse range of coupons
    • Avail additional reward points