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Application Programming Interface (API) weaves the digital spectrum using the basic technological ideas around Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, IoT and Social has made the corporate world enter the era of digital transformation.

Boost Improvise Simplify Facilitate Increase
  • Boost business revolution
  • Improvise Corporate Integrity and Vision
  • Simplify complexity and Reduce IT expenditure
  • Facilitate Productivity
  • Increase Revenue

Why choose us?

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Cloud based API services

HappyPesa wants your companies data secure, integrating the most reliable source of API provider; the data can be backed up and stored without any concerns.

Faster Complaint Resolution

HappyPesa provides 24x7-customer service to look into the customer concerns and resolve them at the earliest.

Low Operator Based Surcharge/Margins

HappyPesa promises to provide customers with low margins for your benefits. Your happiness and profits is our motto.

Secure Integrated API Channel

HappyPesa commits using a strong & secure platform for the development of products for businesses. We understand the concerns related to cash in-flow and out-flow.

HappyPesa specializes in dealing with


Mobile Recharge API

The perfect solution for attraction customers and generate additional revenue. Addition of Mobile recharge API’s gives a zest to existing organisations.


DTH Recharge API

Shopkeepers & Online websites earn high profits by providing a single destination for all DTH offers and recharge woes.


Hotel booking API

Websites offering Hotel bookings generate high revenues through booking profit margins, as well as commission from various hotels listed on the portal.


Flight Booking API

Flight bookings have become comparatively easier with the Flight Booking API’s integration with various mobile applications and websites. The profit margin is comparatively higher and gives huge benefits to the operator.


Money Transfer API

The IMPS technology widely used in the banking sector has given a boom to the Money Transfer Services in the country. Small shops also use the click of a button technology to transfer funds and avail profits as their business.


Utility Bill Payment API

Tedious Gas, Electricity or Insurance payments are a thing of the past with websites and shop-keepers earning benefits through the new concept of paying Utility bills for consumers at the profit ratio ranging from 3-10%.