Referral Program With HappyPesa

You have friends and they have their friends and there are friend’s friends and so on…HappyPesa urges you to make use of your network!

HappyPesa referral program is bi-directional process where both referred and referrer get the benefit of the system. In other words, if you invite your friend to join HappyPesa, not only you get the reward benefits, but your friend also gets some benefits too.

The referral program process is quite simple:

  • Send your referral code which you get in your HappyPesa app or Web Dashboard to your friend
  • Your friend uses the referral code while registering
  • Our application records activity and generates reward points for you and your friend!

Now, as you start inviting more and more friends and people in your network to join HappyPesa, your reward benefits get multiplied steadily. Once you have sufficient reward points, you can simply utilize those to buy HappyPesa products or services

For further details on our referral program, please contact our Customer support today!